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Products of natural origin can help reduce canine stress and anxiety

Due to some sudden changes in pets' environments, abnormal behaviors and discomfort may occur, of which their owners are not always aware.

In this new reality, in which pet owners are at home all the time and worries arise, animals usually perceive the emotions of their owners, so that if their caregiver or the people who live with them have concerns, anxiety and stress, pets usually identify it and even express it with their behaviors.

Dr. David Quintana Barrera, coordinator of veterinary medical affairs at Heel Colombia, expressed in this regard that there are a large number of products of natural origin that help reduce stress or anxiety and which can be of great support as prevention or for the behavioral treatment of pets.

Some medications of natural origin such as Neurexan can control behavioral changes in pets caused by stress, reducing the pet's anxiety, nervousness and hyperactivity without generating dependency.

“The animal, vegetable or mineral origin of the products and, consequently, having these origins will generate greater benefits for pets, they can be administered for longer periods of time, They offer better alternatives for the supply of the medication, either because it is presented in drops, tablets and injectable ampoules,” stated the veterinary medicine expert.

Quintana added that it is also important to take care of your immune system, so increasing your defenses with products like Engystol should be a priority in times of pandemic.

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